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My days are long & stressful because my child is fighting Childhood cancer. The past week taking THRIVE has helped me get through the days a lot easier! Energy level is off the chart, multi-tasking is in full force, general discomforts are better & the Lbs are dropping! My hubby also got to experience THRIVE & I can say that every couple should be THRIVING together!

Day One: UNBELIEVABLE! Have not come across a product like this in YEARS. On top of my game all day.

So, today David came by the house to pick up his Thrive order, later in the day he texted me and said "WHY DO YOU LOOK DIFFERENT?' of course, to me I look the same, but he explained I just look better, happier, bouncier and that I appear to be thinning up and looking more tone! The scales have not said much good news for me, but they never do when I start working out, so I checked out my measurements and he was right, I've lost s Inches! and it's awesome that there Is an obvious change In my physical and emotional appearance from someone who has seen how yucky I have felt the last couple of years, and only having seen me about two weeks ago before Thrive, to, today being a totally different person.

Le-Vel keeps you focused on how good you feel, instead of what is missing...

I have been on the Thrive Lifestyle Capsule for one full week every day with the shake and let me tell you I am BLOWN away by the vivid description that Paul gives because I am the poster child of feeling the brain connection in TEN MINUTES after I take my first capsule!! You talk about laser focused with an incredibly smooth consistent energy all day long!! I drink my shake with almond milk, half a banana, and blueberries 4-5 minutes after and I find it to be WAY BETTER than any shake I have tasted from any other company in recent years. I DO notice my cravings are greatly reduced and this is a biggie but I have been a coffee drinker for 45 years.... I hardly drink one cup of coffee now simply because I feel so good on this capsule, I don't want coffee interfering with it!!

Thrive Change my life, I had the best day of my life. I knew then we had a winner and this opportunity was going to be huge.... Let's THRIVE together!* George Goodwin After taking my 1st day of THRIVE I could tell a huge difference. My appetite was down & my energy level was up. I was be able to feel full of energy and positive throughout the whole work day. Now I keep checking the mail box daily hoping that my Wife has won more THRIVE!!

So Saturday night I wasn't sleeping soundly and usually when that happens I am ruined the next day. I finally decided sound sleep is not going to happen so I get up and grab my Thrive out of the refrigerator and I take my Thrive Capsule for Men and follow it up with the Thrive Premium Shake Mix. I was thriving the entire day. I couldn't believe how great I felt the entire day ... beyond impressed!!!

I woke up this morning with general aches and discomfort due to my 8 1/2 month olds feet pushing me all over the bed last night. I took my 2 Thrive capsules and had my shake and I feel like a million bucks!!!!!

My friend Toni was kind enough to share a sample with me and I can't believe the difference I felt! My general discomfort has calmed, I had energy to get a lot accomplished, and was better able to manage my appetite. The next day, with no Thrive, I was back to feeling how I did pre Thrive and wanting some more of it!

"THRIVE is blowing me away!! 2 weeks in and we can't believe the results! 2 promoters have upgraded just off of a sample lol! My mother in law says 'it's like Saturday everyday' (she feels good) haha!

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Sam Pasley!!!

We hope ALL THRIVERS see & do this...SO SO SMART!

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Congrats to ALL OF YOU who are doing this!

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My name is Daun Noble from Seguin, TX and this is my 2 year, 3 month Thrive Experience

Prior to Thrive, I drank numerous cups of coffee per day, plus 2-3 energy shots, just to get by. I always did everything I needed to do, but I did not in any way, shape or form feel energetic OR happy! I remember it like it was yesterday, literally crying on my back porch one afternoon, because my grandson asked me to play “horsey” and there was no way with the general discomforts in my body that I could have even considered it.

I thought to myself, if I feel this bad now, how in the world am I going to feel 20 years from now? Now don’t get me wrong, I was always grateful, but if this was what life was all about… having general aches and discomforts, no motivation, not sleeping soundly, working myself to exhaustion and living paycheck to paycheck….then what was all the hub bub about? When my friend, Selina Medina introduced me to Thrive, I thought, “man…if this stuff works and it does everything she is telling me it will, I AM IN!”

So I started my journey with 2 capsules on an empty stomach, 20 minutes later I drank my lifestyle mix and slapped on my DFT. Nothing else to remember. Wow! That was easy – I can do that!

Day 1: NOTHING – How disappointing

Day 3: Hmmmm…..maybe something is going on here

Day 4: AH-HA! I did not feel the energy that everyone was speaking of, but I tell you – Day 4 – Day 4, I leaned over our kitchen counter to write something down and I burst into tears!!!! At that moment I realized my general back discomfort was calm.

By Day 10: I noticed that my digestive issues had improved tremendously (this was a really big deal for me). My mental clarity … let’s just say one of my co-workers actually asked me if I was mad, because I was so focused on what I was doing. My general aches and discomforts still calming, I had lost a few pounds and I was starting to feel motivated again. I was no longer drinking caffeinated coffee and my water intake…WHOA! I promise you, I used to drink a bottle a week. By day 10, right at a gallon per day.

Bring on Week 5 --- OMGEEEE!!!! THIS is when I knew I was going to be a Thriver for life! I felt healthier than I had in a very long time and a woman started emerging in me that I never knew existed. Not only was I setting goals again, I was on a mission to help others like never before in my life. I have always been a giver, but now I had passion again! My husband and I’s relationship started improving greatly and is still getting stronger every day! Things that used to make my head spin in 10 circles were rolling right off my back.

I can say without batting an eye that I am just as excited to take my 3 steps every morning now as I was on Day 1. As a general rule, I get up ‪at 4:15 am‬ and I go until 10/11 every night, so the clean, sustained all day energy is incredible! I love that when I get home I still have some HAPPY me left to give my family. I love that I am productive on the weekends and not wasting my days away by sleeping in and napping. Have I mentioned how much my general aches and discomforts have calmed (WOOT WOOT)?

This leads me to my favorite part of the story! The reason I continue and will always share is because people’s lives are changing! Not just physically, but mentally, spiritually and financially. I have found purpose again and am no longer just existing day to day. Sharing this product and impacting others’ lives is what this journey is all about! Yes, the financial blessing are great, traveling is incredible, the friendships are like no other, but at the end of the day, it is impacting other’s lives that make this such a rewarding experience.

So please know, if someone is reaching out to you, it is not to get something from you; it is give something TO YOU! You only get one body and your family deserves the best of you, not what is left of you. It’s time to trust your friend and allow your body to experience Thrive. Your only regret will be that you didn’t start sooner

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My name is Michelle Baze and this is my Thrive Experience:

Prior to Thrive, I was done. Just DONE. I’d roll out of bed in the morning feeling like I was twice my age and I’d nap every chance I got in an effort to make up for the lack of restful sleep. I’d resigned myself to the idea that this is how I was going to feel for the rest of my life.

One night, a friend shared a post online that caught my attention. I’d never heard of Thrive, but this woman’s story gave me a sliver of hope. I messaged her, and ended up ordering that night. I had no idea how I’d be able to afford it, but I knew I had to try.

I started Thriving the morning after my order came in. I was a Day 1 Thriver! I had hopes that Thrive would help, but I didn’t expect THIS! It was like waking up after being in a mental fog. The fog was gone and I was actually making plans instead of just making it through the day. I knew immediately that I had to share this.

By day 10, I couldn’t even imagine going back to how things were before. I became a promoter and set my sights on making it to the Thrive Convention in Dallas the following month. Me! The girl that had to motivate herself just to make a trip to the grocery store. I made it to that Thrive convention to be surrounded by over 25,000 people from all over the world who had made their way by plane, bus and car to celebrate the new life they had found. I’m beyond blessed that Thrive found me and I’ve made it my mission to help others Thrive too.

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Happy Thanksgiving from the Co-Host of "One Team - One Dream" Iowa Local, Kendra Ollinger 200K, and R. Todd Crase 80K.

Separate Teams on one mission to help others live the life they deserve.

- Todd Crase 80K

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Freeze- stop right there. If you have ever felt discouraged and said to yourself "I need to do something different. There has got to be more to this life." I need you to keep reading.

My name is Amanda DeMilt, I'm from a small town in VT, and this is my THRIVE Experience.

Before Thrive I was a busy, stay-at-home mom. Being 42 and having an energetic 3 year old comes with its fair share of exhaustion. I was waking up every morning not feeling fully rested. I would sit on my couch and drink a lot of sweetened coffee before I could get moving. I was bitter. I had general aches. I prayed for afternoon naps every day, and would get moody if they didn't come. I gained 60 lbs in 3 years. To say I was a bad mom would be incorrect. I maintained our home, I provided for my child. He was happy, well cared for, and the center of my world - but I certainly was not the mom, wife, friend, daughter or person I have always wanted to be. I was merely existing.

I had seen many social media posts about this amazing product by Le-Vel. In my head I didn't believe for a second that it would work for me. I finally broke down and requested a 3 day sample from a friend.

Day 1- I really didn't feel that different.

Day 2- I got up and headed out the door. It wasn't until lunch that it occurred to me that I hadn't touched the coffee pot. Say what?!

Day 3- I woke up. And I mean that on so many levels. I woke up realizing I had slept soundly through the entire night. I was rested. My general aches were calmed. My mind was clear of the self doubt I had been experiencing day after day.

I realized that yes. There is more to life and I had finally found my answers. It was at that moment that I contacted my friend and she helped me order my next 30 days. My coffee pot is gone. And now my husband has joined me in his own THRIVE Experience.

3 easy steps. 20 minutes of my day. And I am THRIVING. Every day is a new adventure with my family. I am running, and playing every day with my son. And he is experiencing a completely different mom.

As I enter month 4 of my THRIVE life I can honestly say that I have never felt this good. I love everything about Le-Vel so-much-so that I have become a promoter. I have met some incredible people that I am so happy to now call friends. I am excited for what the future holds.

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Hello Thrivers/future Thrivers! I’m Jenna Rae Anderson and this is my Thrive Experience.

I’m 32 years young; a marketing professional by day and a dancer by night. As a trained dancer, I am living out my love for performing as part of a Minneapolis music group, Chase and Ovation, A Salute to the Music of Prince. In addition, I teach Dance, as well as Xabeat (dance fitness) and barre.

It has been seven months since becoming a Thriver. Wow. This product is not what I expected. It truly has exceeded my expectations!

I’m a pretty healthy person. When I first learned about Thrive, I was a little skeptical…at first.

I exercise at least three times a week, teaching dance and fitness classes. My schedule with working a full-time job along with two part-time jobs, is demanding and can be exhausting. I had tried many different types of vitamins, supplements, diet changes and remedies of my own. But this was the first time I could actually FEEL a difference in my body; physically and emotionally.

I used to drink a lot of coffee throughout the day; morning and then again in the afternoon, and sometimes again in the evening just to get through the day. I often found myself frazzled and feeling cranky from the constant highs and lows the day would bring me through. I was emotionally stressed, I was sluggish, craved sugar and carbs often and felt ‘unbalanced’, and had general discomforts.

On day one of my Thrive Experience, I knew things were going to turn around. The energy and happiness radiated from me. Day one sealed the deal. I decided to become a promoter so I could share the goodness with everyone AND thrive for free each month.

I feel healthier, I have much more energy throughout the entire day and night, I’m much more patient, my mood is more stable (not to mention I feel happier), I’m clear headed – no more mental fog! General discomforts have completely calmed. I have “that glow”, which they call ‘the Thrive glow’, my nails and hair have grown longer and healthier. I actually CRAVE veggies and salads, and foods that are crazy good for the body. Since adding DUO to my Thrive Experience three months ago, I’ve lost five pounds and gone down a clothing size.

I wake up every morning excited to get my three steps in because I feel like I can conquer the day from there! And more importantly, I feel great in my own skin. I’m a better fiancé, friend and colleague.

Thank you Le-Vel for changing my body and life!

Love and light – Jenna Rae

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My name is Patricia Walker and I am 41 years old and this is my Thrive Experience.

I am from Queensland, Australia and I have been Thriving for 5 months now.

Before Thrive I was tired, grumpy and all round exhausted. I was relying on 3 to 4 cups of coffee each day just to get me through, I knew deep down it was not a good way to start my day but it was the only way I could manage and drinking coffee to get me through my days because it gave me extra energy to last the day, but then I would hit the afternoon slump and fall asleep on the couch and wake up feeling sluggish and lack of energy. I knew something had to change!

I remember clearly to this day the first time I had heard of Thrive, I was seeing my friend post on Facebook and to this day it still amazes me how much more happier and full of life all because of her first 20 minutes of her day. I thought to myself what have I got to lose so I contacted her and asked a million and one questions. I was curious and had to find out more. I really don't know why I contacted my friend but what I do remember is I am so glad I did. I jumped all in not knowing if or how this would work and ordered my Thrive Experience. It took around 4 days and after that as they say the rest is history.

Now 5 months on I look forward to my mornings as soon as my feet hit the floor with my 3 steps. I am happier, healthier and make better choices and I am so grateful I took an opportunity that was basically staring right at me I just did not know it at the time. I love how easy and simple Thrive is each day. I am determined to feel like this every day and to continue on a happier and healthier lifestyle and make better choices when it comes to my health.

Thank you Thrive for giving me a second chance to be the person I am meant to be. I can not wait to see where the next few months and years to come takes me and this amazing opportunity to share my love for Thrive.

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My name is Stephanie Dobbs and this is my Thrive Experience.

If you would have asked me 2 years ago if I would ever leave my job as a Director of Nursing, I would have told you HECK NO!! I absolutely LOVED what I did for a living - until I knew that there was a bigger purpose out in the WORLD for me!!

My Thrive Experience started 2 years ago... I still remember that 1st day just like it was yesterday. I was so excited to prove a girl wrong! You see, I thought Thrive was just another product that hit the market and nothing would ever come of it.

Day 3 - I was sleeping soundly, waking up refreshed and I noticed that my general aches were calmed. Throughout the day I was running circles around everyone and after my shift at the hospital, I found myself coming home to clean closets at 9pm... who does that?!

Day 10 - I was noticing that I was more patient with my kids. I wasn't the crabby mom that I used to be. Instead I was singing and helping each one get ready for school. Once done getting them ready for the day, I myself would skip into work, greeting everyone on my way.

People would stop and say, "I want what you're having" and I would just laugh! I was so excited about feeling GREAT again! My energy was sustained throughout the entire day. I didn't have that afternoon crash where I went to the vending machine to get a Mt. Dew and I noticed that the once Diet Coke LOVER that I was, no longer craved it. Instead I was filling up my water mug... THAT ALONE was when I realized I had won the winning lottery ticket.

So, if you're READY to feel 10 years younger and have an overall feeling of happiness, don't wait another day! Reach out to the person that referred you and GET STARTED!!

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My name is Christy Stone and this is my Thrive Experience! I am 45 years old and I am a fitness instructor, hairstylist, wife and mom.

Before Thrive, I would struggle to get out of the bed every morning, hitting the snooze multiple times, get to the gym to teach or workout and that would make me feel a little better for a few hours. I usually work until 7-8 pm and by that time, or most of the time before, I would start to feel sluggish and would have some general aches and discomforts from working out and doing hair all day.

Sometimes I would feel so awful by the time I got to my mom’s to get my son I didn't know if I could make it home 30 mins. away. I just remember my dad saying, “You exercise, you eat clean, so there must be something nutritionally you are not getting" Well, let me tell you that my dad ended up being right about that!!!

I was a day one Thriver!! Got up took my capsules with water, laid back down, no lie.. 15 minutes later my eyes popped open, it was like a light bulb came on..I was AWAKE!!! Got on up, started putting my gym clothes on and then drank my lifestyle mix. It was delicious!! Put my DFT on, by the time I got to the gym, this particular morning, I noticed a big difference in my energy level. That day I was really busy but I wasn't stressed because I wasn't running behind! I felt the energy ALL day, before I knew it it was 9 pm and I had only stopped to eat lunch and I STILL had energy, I could have done a few more heads of hair!!

Day 3, Got up did my 3 steps, and still felt that amazing clean energy all day. But I also noticed my thinking became clear!! That brain fog was gone!! I honestly didn't even know exactly what that was or that I had it...Still in the back of my head I was thinking, this is too good to be true...

Day 10.. Whoa baby! Along with the all day clean energy, I was sleeping better, waking up refreshed, my general discomforts from working out and doing hair started to calm. My muscles were recovering incredibly fast, mild headaches were calmed and my MOOD…I had the most euphoric, happy feeling all day and I just can't even describe it... I WAS THRIVING!!!! Everyone started noticing and I wanted to share this experience with the world so I hit that promoter button and have not looked back since..that was in June! It just gets better every day! I still have that smooth clean energy that lasts all day every day, the mental clarity continues to amaze me, I feel stronger physically and mentally, I continue to sleep like a baby!! AND it feels like my body is healing from the inside out and it feels AMAZING!!!!

I will NEVER go back to the way I was feeling before!! And MOST importantly I want to THANK GOD for putting Thrive in my life so I could feel better and live the life that I deserve and help others do the same!!!!


THRIVERS!!! We are so THANKFUL for each and every one of you! As THANKSGIVING quickly approaches we want to know WHAT ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR????

We will randomly select 7 people to win $75.00 in THRIVE CREDITS!!

Contest ends November 24th at 11:00 PM EST.

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My name is Heather Wood and this is my 6-week Thrive Experience!

Before I started taking Thrive, life was getting hectic. I’m a mom to three boys and my youngest had just entered the toddler stage. Besides trying to be Super Mom, I’m also a work from author.

Life is crazy and I felt my energy being zapped. By seven o’clock each night, I was ready to collapse into bed. The stress of my day-to-day responsibilities had also prevented me from losing the “baby weight.”

My sister had left a three-day sample of the Thrive Experience at my house and it had literally been sitting on my counter for months. Without knowing too much about the products or the company, I decided I was tired of feeling heavy and rundown. The steps were easy to follow and I liked that the routine only took a few minutes to complete.

Day 1-Day 1 Thriver Here! I felt an almost instant effect from the products. It was the first day I skipped coffee and I never felt like I needed it to get through the day.

Day 3-I noticed my appetite was completely under control and I wasn’t grazing all day. My mood was also peppier and I found I had tons of energy. I was taking my DFT off before bed, but I fell asleep with it on and slept soundly.

On Day 3, I signed up as a Promoter in spite of never promoting anything in my life. Sharing my Experience has helped me introduce others to these amazing products from Le-Vel. Every day I get messages from customers who are loving their results.

My husband has joined me on this Journey and is feeling so thankful to have his energy back. As a motorcycle officer, it’s a must that he stays alert every day.

Six weeks later, I’m down 12 pounds, a 4K Promoter, and a happy, energetic mommy!

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I am Kendra West, 45 years old, mother of 4, and 8 months ago I made a change!!! This is my Thrive Experience.

On my 30th birthday, I cried like a baby because I honestly felt like I was 20+ years older than I was! I was dealing with general joint discomfort and was exhausted and with my genetics (my family lives forever) I thought how can I only be less than a 3rd of the way through my life!!! I mustered a smile and tried to exist, all while thinking, this was as good as it gets!!!

Somewhere along the way, my body was missing something that I had no idea it was missing. I ate right, tried to exercise and always tried to do the right thing, but still dealt with general aches in the morning and was exhausted just trying to survive another day. To compensate, I drank numerous coffee in the morning and energy drinks through the afternoon.

Entered 3 simple steps!!! Everything I thought about my quality of life was shattered!!

Day 1: I did 13 loads of laundry! Each child had several loads and then all the sheets and blankets! Felt energized and amazing!!! No coffee...

Day 2: all day energy and when I laid down that evening I fell right to sleep instead of watching 2 or 3 shows!

Day 3: I woke 2 hours before my alarm and I was totally rested!!

Day 10: literally jumped out of bed!! Laser focused on my daily activities!!! It was as if a fog I was living in lifted!

The rest is history and 8 months later still feeling benefits daily!!! Down 21 lbs, so many inches and clothing sizes!!! I feel 20 years younger!

Thrive fell into my life by chance, not because I thought I needed something and never did I think I wanted to promote a product, but this simple 3 steps just plain works. So perfectly formulated that our bodies absorb the more than 100 very raw and pure vitamins, minerals, pre and probiotics, enzymes etc... (everything our body could possibly be lacking.) Pretty sad considering so many of us have been taking handfuls for years thinking we were doing the right thing! Thrive is so simple and is the only thing that I have ever taken that I can feel working in my body!!!

If you are wondering if it will work for you, YES it will!!! The key is consistency, everyone's body and deficiencies are different and it took more than a month to get in the shape you are existing in, so commit to 8 weeks and you will never regret it!!! You are worth feeling amazing!!!!

No more just existing it is time for everyone to THRIVE!!!!!

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My name is Kayla Spencer, I’m 23 years old and this is my Thrive Experience.

Before Thrive, I was always tired and had mild head discomfort. I felt like I wasn't getting the restful sleep I needed and working a full-time job and taking care of my 3 babies is tiring. I would wake up irritated and never wanted to do anything fun with my kids if it meant having to use the little bit of energy I had left.

Then one day, I was at work when I saw these "stickers" on a customer's arms and I just had to ask him what they were all about??... when he told me about Thrive it was like a lightbulb went off in my head and I knew I had to try it... I can use more energy, shoot, I can use all the energy you can give me, Joe then proceeded to tell me how Thrive could potentially help me financially as well WHAT! So you mean to tell me I can feel amazing and earn extra money! I had to know more, once he explained how everything works I had to jump on the Thrive train, I mean why not right!!!

The First Day I took Thrive, I felt amazing I had more energy than I’ve had in a long time, I was in a good mood, I wanted to scream from my roof how amazing this stuff works! I didn’t think that something so simple could change my life for the best in so many ways, now I’ve been on Thrive for about a week and I will never go back to live without it.

I look forward to waking up taking my capsules, drinking my shake and slapping on my DFT because I know that I will have a great day, a day without that midday need to take a nap, the general discomforts, my irritability, everything I was and felt before Thrive has changed drastically. I am now determined and working hard to reach my VIP800 bonus and I won’t stop there I’m shooting for the stars 200K here I come!!!

I thank God and Joe every day for introducing me to such an amazing product and now it’s my turn to help change people’s lives for the best I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me with Thrive in my life!!!!

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My name is Kristy Bullen and this is my Thrive Experience. ❤️💚💙💜💪

I'm from NSW Australia and I have been Thriving a little over 16 months.

Busy is an understatement for me, I work a full-time job, run my own online business, I am secretary and publicity officer for two clubs, horse event photographer and also compete my own horses playing polocrosse and showing

After watching my friends post about Thrive for months and months and thinking I need to do something as I was tired and cranky all the time. Between my work and other commitments I was exhausted every day. I needed something to get me through the long days and still have the energy to come home and work my Polocrosse horses at night after everything else was done.

So I decided to try a sample pack .... and oh my I was a Day 1 Thriver, I was so full of energy I managed to get all my jobs done plus more ... before that trial pack ran out I decided to place an order and whilst talking to my sponsor I also decided to hit that promoter button to share the Thrive Experience with others.

I love how easy the 3 steps are done within my first 20 minutes of waking up. So simple and easy for those crazy busy people like me.

Thank you Thrive for giving my life back so I can enjoy time with my horses again.

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I’m a SURVIVOR, I’m not a quitter because of THRIVE.

Hi, my name is Chris Butler, and this is my Thrive Experience!

I’m a wife, Mother, and grandmother. I am almost nearing six months now. My 8-week THRIVE Experience made me a Promoter and a believer. I’m still achieving things I thought would never be possible again because of generalized aches and discomforts that I was dealing with, but NOT ANYMORE.

I have met some awesome and wonderful people and have been able to help others achieve getting their life back. Weight management is getting on track, and digestive challenges are on point.

I just can’t thank Paul and Jason enough for developing the 8-week THRIVE EXPERIENCE.

If I could give you any advice it would be to get your FREE account, listen to the personal call of the person who gave you a link, like the Fan Page, and listen to the 24-hour pre-recorded call from our founders. You’ll never know until you experience it. Do this for you.

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My name is Christopher Von Riddick Ashland City, TN and this is my Thrive Experience.

First, I'm a HUGE sceptic of anything that says I need to see this, have to try it! I just do not hop on the "bandwagon" due mostly to past experiences. I have tried many products/programs with some to little or no success.

As a retired disabled veteran with anywhere from 2 to 5 kids in the house at all times I had finally settled on, "This is the way I'm going to feel and nothing I try changes it."

My fiance was probably even more desperate for the sake of our kids, and relationship, to get me to try Thrive. I had nothing to lose but ANYTHING to gain.

Little did I know I would gain everything! I refused to give Thrive any credit, waiting for the plateau or crash that I've experienced with so many other products until the 5th day. I called my fiancee and feeling much like a Catholic confessional, decided to admit to what Thrive had done for me. Not that she needed the confession due to her able to witness the physical and mental changes already.

I am able to actually go to sleep and sleep soundly and when I do wake up I'm actually rested! This alone is worth it but it didn't stop there. Natural energy where as soon as I wake up to the moment I lay down I can live again. Mentally I have gone from being a shut in to wanting to meet more people and share my experience with everyone who will listen!

My kids are happier, I'm over the moon and my spouse is probably the happiest. You didn't just give me my life back you kept a family together. I cannot thank this product enough.

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My name is Jimie Miraldi from North Dakota and this is my Thrive Experience.

I am celebrating my three year Thrive-A-Versary on November 22nd!

Not knowing what it was, I vividly remember the first time I saw someone wearing a green DFT at a baseball tournament. The next week I visited a local hair salon and this is where a stylist was handing out Thrive samples and I was introduced to the “Green DFT.” I was asked to come back in a few days to get a sample of the shake mix and capsules. I took home a three way flyer, threw the DFT in my bathroom drawer, and never went back to get the remaining samples. I followed the Le-Vel fan page and read testimonials for about five months. At that time, there were only 140K likes on the fan page.

Prior to Thrive I was a tired momma who was not sleeping soundly at night. My days began with a venti coffee from a local drive thru. In addition to the large coffee my work day consisted of a couple cans of pop. I was still tired and ready to crash at the end of the day.

My friend Sandie posted about Thrive and I immediately reached out to her because I wanted what she had. I purchased a sample pack from her and began my Thrive Experience. I was what many people call a “Day One Thriver.” Within a few hours I noticed something and it was hard to describe. By day three, I had a new sense of energy, mental balance and improvement in my mood. I felt happier and had pep in my step. I purchased more samples and continued to have a positive experience. I lost my sugar cravings, eliminated the pop and coffee out of my daily routine and I was sleeping much more soundly. When I woke up in the morning I felt well rested and ready to conquer the day. I JUST FELT BETTER!

I realized I needed to continue on with Thrive as it was working for me. My friends, co-workers and family noticed a change in me as well. On day 10 my daughter told me, “Mom, you seem so much happier since you have been taking this Thrive stuff.” That was the day I placed my first order. It was no longer just about me. Now it was about my family and what am I giving back to them.

As I placed my first order and knew I needed to share with as many people as possible. I am thankful to all the customers who have joined me along the way, the promoters who have joined our team and for the leadership that gives back to all of us.

As I reflect back on my journey it is easy to remember many of the “firsts”:

*My first order.

*My first Customer.

*My first Promoter.

*My first time achieving Le-Vel ranks of VIP800, 4K, 12K auto bonus.

*My first trip to Dallas.

*My first time qualifying for a lifestyle getaway to Mexico.

*My first time attending a Le-Vel local.

So many firsts, yet, what really matters is Le-Vel has a product that is helping people get their groove back. It is about helping others feel just as good as I do. All it takes is three simple steps within the first 30-40 minutes of waking up on an empty stomach.

1. Thrive Capsules before your feet hit the floor.

2. 20-30 minutes later, Thrive Lifestyle Shake mix.

3. Apply DFT on a clean area of skin.

That is it and you are done for the day!

Three years later and I am still feeling as good as I did when I began my experience. I have a nice balance of energy that lasts all day, I am mentally alert, my digestion is intact (no bloating), I am still sleeping well. I can’t even remember the last time I had mild head discomforts. My workout levels have increased. I am in my 40’s and as we get older our bodies change. The general discomforts come. If there is anything I can do to help myself, I will. I am ahead of the eight ball right now and I am giving my body what it needs. Premium Grade Vitamins that fill in the nutritional gaps. I know I will continue to share as everyone needs a little Thrive in their life!

My advice to all of you is to give Thrive a full eight weeks, take it consistently and follow the directions. This product works and once you notice it, you will wish you had started sooner!

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My preschool song had become, “Oh, my head and shoulders, knees and toes, hips and back!”

My name is Cheryl Johnson from Wisconsin, and this is my 16-month Thrive Experience!

Wife, Mom, Gamma, and Teacher! I have owned a State Licensed Family Child Care for 32.5 years. That adds up to a LOT of hours of sitting on 9” chairs; lifting, holding, and carrying children – sometimes one on each hip for the better part of my 10 hour day! I was feeling the physical demands of my career daily. I LOVE being with children so finding a product to support my joints had become a priority!

I saw evidence of Thrive changing lives around me. I was skeptical but intrigued and hopeful. General discomfort was changing me and I was ready to find my happy again. Those around me were not getting the best of me, and I was tired of being a spectator in daily life! I reached out to one of my former daycare moms who had trusted me with all four of her children and was Thriving. It was time for me to trust her! July 2016, I texted her, “I’m ready!” She returned the text, “For what?” My response: “To TRY THRIVE!” My only request was that she not tell anyone! She responded, “I won’t, but you might.”

I followed the directions exactly, as teachers do. I took my capsules upon waking with a large glass of water. Thirty minutes later, I drank the Healthy Lifestyle Mix. And hid my DFT! Day by day I noticed things changing.

On day 10, I was thinking if THIS is how healthy people feel, I have been missing out for a very long time! I danced throughout our house post-workday like I had in my 20’s! What was happening to me?? General discomforts were calmed while sitting, standing (in heels AND sandals), sleeping, AND working!

Day 29: I jumped rope WITH my daycare children for the first time in 20 years….Double Dutch! I was not just the rope twirler!

It turns out, 8 hours of sound sleep feels GREAT for the mind, body, and soul! I fall asleep easily and remain sleeping soundly night after night and my general aches are calm! I have always been morning person….so I thought. It turns out, I was just going through the motions. Thrive mornings are different; I wake refreshed and excited for what each day will present! And I feel present each day! I am experiencing all day long clean energy that I have not had in years!! Things started adding up in my favor very quickly………….general aches calmed + joint support + sound sleep + digestive support = energy and ability to move with ease = weight management = one happy Wife, Mom, Gamma, and Teacher! I feel like I am seeing life through 3D lenses!

People around me were noticing the changes in me and asking what I was doing differently. I simply could not hold in my excitement. My daycare mom was right. I started sharing my Thrive Experience because I knew others that could benefit from Thrive as well.

Fast forward to June of 2017: I added DUO DFT as my daily step 3. Believe it or not, this change made our windows rattle…because I almost blew speakers with my happy dance! I feel amazing daily!! Better than I ever thought possible at 57 years young!

Participating in life daily is amazing!!!

From silently trying to wearing it loud and proud! It turns out, I did not need a career change; I needed Thrive! I am 4EVER grateful for the simplicity and effectiveness of this product.

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