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It's the common denominator of all Thrivers! It helped me transcend into a different kind of life. I am not only getting and currently absorbing all my vitamins and minerals! I am LIVING MY LIFE! My mind is learning and changing all the time and I am aware of this! Is it a phenomenon?! Maybe, or Le-Vel just did the impossible and found a formula that would fill all my nutritional gaps and in return I get to live a life I never thought possible. I went from laying in bed after picking up my kids from school. To waking up at 6:00 am and start building my own business. I know Jason and Paul are aware that this is much bigger than anyone could ever have imagined! Or did they? Thank you Jason and Paul for the innovating ideas that sparked this light! Thank you for sharing your Thrive Experience with the world and thank you for all the lives that you have helped and given to! I see it with my Thrive family Le-Vel has given so much to all of us as consumers and promoters.

A little over two years ago I was introduced to Thrive after giving my mommy woes story about how being a new mom to an 8 year old who was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. Chantelle was a stranger to me, but she heard everything I said and reassured me I was not alone. I read stories on the Fan Page and knew God had answered a prayer. I have dealt with health challenges and general discomforts in my life and just felt this was what life was, but I had been praying to God to help me be the mom he intended. Two years later, my general discomforts in my feet and back are still calmed, digestive track is on point, and I have more focus and energy to be that better Mom!!

Experience it for yourself, filling in those nutritional gaps can change life as you know it!!

I wasn't one that felt like this is it, early on. It took Thrive awhile to help me. I lacked overall health and wellness. Once I was taking Thrive for about 30 days I knew I wasn't turning back. Thrive has given me more energy, mental clarity and calmed my general discomforts. I've been a Thriver now for 3 years. Yes, it works!

9 weeks ago I thought I could never go without coffee and energy drinks. I was so wrong! I trusted a friend of mine and began my Thrive Experience! What a difference! Even with all the caffeine and sugar I was drinking, I would crash.

One day with Thrive, and I felt as if I were unstoppable! My energy soared as well as my mood! My body and spirit felt AMAZING! I felt like I should have been feeling all along. And my experience just continues to get better everyday! Thank you Le-Vel Thrive for bringing me back! I will forever Thrive!

How has Thrive changed my life? That's like asking, "How has the invention of the automobile changed your life?" There's no way to put it all down into words. I'm down 30 pounds. I feel as good as I did in my 20's, at age 43. I've got all day energy, dialed in mental clarity and focus. My wife, daughter and myself have all been blessed enough to earn the Le-Vel Auto Bonus. We’ve also earned several Life Style Get Away trips, to places we never would have got to experience without Le-Vel. I've seen lives changed, in a matter of days. If you think your experience makes you feel good, wait until you give it to someone else! I'm a new person, with a new life, vision, purpose and direction. There isn't one aspect of my life, that hasn't been improved on, because of Thrive & Le-Vel.

When Thrive was first brought to my attention in March of 2014, I didn't want any part of it. I honestly thought I felt good, normal and/or fine. But, my wife kept "Urging me" to give Thrive a chance. Finally, after weeks of near non-stop "urging", I agreed to give Thrive the chance she was asking for. I didn't have a change of heart or find a sudden belief that the products were going to work. Nope, I just wanted the "urging" to stop! An hour into the following morning, I knew, felt and understood, (on a personal level) exactly why she had been "urging" me to give Thrive a chance. Day one, hour one, I learned firsthand, feeling "good, normal and/or fine," isn't good, normal or fine at all. In truth, it sucks! But I had to experience it, to understand and believe it.

There's so much more!

Derek Brown

Before Thrive I was that tired mom of 6 that took a nap EVERY DAY, always had a coffee in my hand no matter the time of day, and dealt with general joint aches and discomfort. I have been thriving for 3 years and I no longer nap, I don't drink coffee, I sleep like a baby, my general aches are calmer, but best of all, my kids say, "Mommy, isn't so crabby and stressed out any more"! Thank you Le-Vel for giving me my life back and my kiddos their mom back!

My name is Kerri Schwartz and this is my Thrive experience!

I am a 36-year old married mom of two girls, ages 4 and 8 months and I work full-time. My husband and I had given up smoking years before we had children and had gained weight fairly quickly. So after having had the girls and adding a little more weight, I was not feeling good about myself. We were trying clean eating but it wasn't easy. I had no motivation to exercise. I started to notice that I was snapping at my oldest daughter a lot for little things and I never had the energy to play with her. I needed something in my life to change.

I was introduced to Thrive and I was very skeptical (like SO many others), but I decided to give it a try. My Day 1 I noticed a significant increase in the amount of energy I had. I didn't hit that 3 pm wall at work! I didn't need a Coke (or two) to get me through the day! People at work were commenting on my good mood. But most of all, when I got home I had the ENERGY to play with my daughter.

I have been Thriving for a little over a month now. I have energy again. I am sleeping soundly all night. I feel an overall change in my mood because I am not tired. I find myself wanting to exercise. I am waking up before my alarm even goes off and feeling GOOD, not wanting to hit the snooze. I have started wearing make-up again and realized I am getting my confidence back because I FEEL better and in turn I want to LOOK better!

Thank you Michelle Rivera-Stark! I feel so energetic it's amazing the level of energy and I don't crave sweets weight loss here I come! I have told several persons to contact you!

My name is Laura and I am a mother to 3 wonderful boys, ages 2, 4, and 5. My 4 yr old is autistic so to say my days are long and stressful is an understatement. I have only been thriving for 2 weeks now but it has truly changed my life. Before Thrive, I was not feeling my best. I was fatigued, lacked mental clarity... let's just say I was down right miserable and it was affecting everyone around me. I had to force myself out of bed and force myself to get through my long days. Even quit doing things that I love because I just didn't have the energy. Well, then a friend of mine told me about Thrive. At first I was skeptical. She kept on me about it and gave me a mini Thrive Experience and that was it... I felt the difference day one. Not only did Thrive give me energy but I felt better mentally. It's like I just snapped out of my funk. I was able to focus more, full of energy, and just felt happier. I was finally back to my old self. Thrive has helped me to be a better person and most importantly a better mom. I will never go back...

I work a full time job and was feeling like I wasn't getting the restful sleep I needed. I was sluggish, grumpy and just no fun to be around. At that time I was only working on day shift, then I decided to work nights during the week and days on weekends. As you can imagine my schedule is all out of whack. Because of THRIVE I am able to work this crazy schedule of mine, plus be awake to spend time with my family and husband. Thrive really has given me my life back and then some!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

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